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Eric Walters

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Eric Walters


Award winning author Eric Walters visited Benson School on November 6, 2008.




To visit his author web site click here.


Junior and Intermediate classes are enjoying many of Eric Walters novels during read aloud in the library and in their own classrooms.  As well, many of these novels have been checked out of the library for independent reading.


5M is studying the novel Ricky during their Tuesday media class.  Click here for a link to discussion questions about the novel.  Students are learning to give detailed answers using AEOC.  Click here for open response questions for Chapters 1 & 2.  Click here for open response question for Ch. 4.


Grade 6 students from 5/6M and 6/7K are working through a media literacy lesson based on Hurricane Hazel and relating it to the novel Safe as Houses. (Thanks to TL at Hetherington, Teresa Champagne,  for the idea.)


Students in 7K are using Moblying, a web 2.0 tool to create video trailers based on Eric Walters and his books during their library media class.  Click here for their media page.


7/8K conducted an author inquiry, and delved into Eric Walters website, each group with a specific quest in mind.  We are creating a graffiti wall based on our discoveries.  



Grade 8 students are exploring critical literacy questions based on the novel Bifocal. 


Eric Walters is a fantastic speaker and had the staff and students captivated.

Here is a survey which outlines what we thought of Eric Walters' visit.





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