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MeSpace Profile Template

Page history last edited by Kel Moore 13 years, 11 months ago

Please do not edit this page!


Welcome to the BobCat MeSpace Profile Creator Template.  Today you will be creating your Bobcat MeSpace Profile page.


Click here to see Mrs. Moore's example page.  Click here to see Mr. Peterson's example page.


MeSpace Profile rubric.  You will be graded on this project for Media Literacy and Oral and Visual Presentation, as well as contributing to your Learning Skills marks.




1.  Open the your class folder and create a new page within that folder.  (For a tutorial on how to do this click here.)  Name it yournamemespace78K  .  Be sure to put it in the 7/8K folder.


2. Go to the sidebar and open the MeSpace Profile Template page. Copy the template below to your clipboard (ctrl c).  You will be pasting (ctrl v) this template into your own page.  Do not edit this page...be sure to copy and create your own page! 


3. Open the 7/8K folder again and go to your newly created MeSpace page.


4. Paste the template into your newly created MeSpace Profile page.


5. Fill in the missing information by highlighting the italicized text and typing in your own information.

This is a template to get started on your MeSpace page. Remember that this page must be school appropriate. Add all of your text information first.


(For a tutorial on how to copy the template and change the text in your profile page, click here.)


6. Add your images and links.  Creativity with add images, links to the Internet, avatars, colours, etc.  with increase your rubric score.  Have fun with it!


(For a tutorial on how to use Image Chef and embed the html code into your wiki, click here.)





Name: (the pages in this folder will be made private, so it is OK to use your first name and last initial here)


Profile Picture: (find an appropriate image that tells about you (it could be your photo, or a photo of you and friends, or a clip art image of something you are interested in. )


Where I was Born: (fill in the city & country of birth)


About Me: (Write a paragraph about yourself (basic info, your interests, things you are proud of,  etc.)


Birthday:  (year/month/day)


Gender: (male or female)


Goals for this year: (good grades, learning new technology, socializing with friends)


Occupations: (student, paper carrier, Student Council Member, , ...)


Future Occupation: (nurse, teacher, bank teller, social worker, chef, etc.)


Interests/Hobbies: (list a few of your favourite things to do outside of school)


Accomplishments: (awards, achieved goals, nominations, etc...)


Education: (schools attended)


Favourite Book(s):


Favourite Music:


Favourite Movie(s):


Who I'd Like to Meet and Why:


Top Friends:




Favourite Quote:


Your Own Heading(s): (You can make up your own profile section(s), feel free to add comments with your ideas for others to use)


Nhi's Page - Student Sample 


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