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Wiki Manners

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A wiki is a web page which multiple users can edit.


Wiki Manners

Information, Rules, Guidelines, and Tips for Wiki Success[1]





What is a wiki? A wiki is an interactive website that we will be using to come together, learn and grow as a community of readers and writers. Wikis work like a group of connected word documents that can be edited by everyone in our community by using three important buttons: edit, save and link. Below you wil find rules, guidelines, and tips to help us use our wiki successfully. 

  • Keep safe. Never post your personal information or information about someone else. DO NOT put things like ages, addresses, phone numbers, names of towns, on the public pages on the Internet. Remember that information on the internet, especially embarrassing information, may still be around after you've deleted it. So don’t ever put up anything personal or inappropriate! Check out http://www.ikeepsafe.org/iksc_kids/ for more information.  Some of our wiki pages will be private, your teacher will let you know when it is OK to add more detailed information.


  • Be polite. The most important thing to remember is sarcasm hurts. It is most often misunderstood when typed in a message which is then posted on the Internet. You may think you're funny when you write something rude or silly, but it can be extremely hurtful to read. Negative words hurt worse when said by someone you thought was your friend. So, be friendly and be positive. Remember ... treat others as you would like to be treated.


  • Be truthful. As you write about your own thoughts in this wiki, write honestly. If you write about topics that you learned from reseach, make sure you are writing accurately. Make sure the facts from research come from reliable, credible sources. Not sure about sources of information? Check out the Quality Information Checklist at http://www.quick.org.uk/menu.htm 


  • Cite your sources. Ask first, then give credit. Ask an artist's permission to post their photos, pictures or pieces of writing. Never use first and last names of people that could identify them in a photo or video. You must also ask permission when using an idea from a friend, a family member, or even from an acquaintance. After you have his/her permission, then you must ask if you can post his/her name to give him/her credit. If you know anyone who is breaking any part of this rule, please let a teacher know so that we can help out.


  • Read, re-read, and proofread before you click SAVE or ADD COMMENT.  It’s important to reread to make sure you’ve really written down what you wanted to say so that we can communicate clearly with one another. 


  • Wikis are a place to collaborate, but please do not delete the work of others.


  • Have fun writing comments to one another. (At the bottom of every page there is a comment section!)  Just make sure the comments are appropriate, polite, and on topic.


  • Be creative and think about how we can grow this wiki together by creating new pages and links.


  1. Original content used with permission: https://readdiscovernewworlds.pbwiki.com/Wiki+Etiquette https://kristineedudemo.pbwiki.com/

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